Rocky Point Mountain in Adirondacks, NY

Address:Route 28
Inlet, NY 13360
Region:Adirondacks, NY
Rating: * * * * * Very Good (4 out of 5)

MVNY Staff Review

The trail head starts about 10 miles north of Old Forge, just before downtown inlet across the street from Rocky Point Lane.

The parking lot services two trail heads, one for Rocky Point, and the other for Black Bear Mountain (which is a 2.1 mile trail). Be sure you start on the correct trail.

The rocky point trail should take less than a half hour. Be careful if the trail is wet, as it could make for a very slippery trail. You have to climb on exposed rock at points, which can be slippery when wet.

Bare rock at the summit gives this point it's name \"Rocky Point\" which you will reach after 0.6 miles. Spectacular views of the fulton chain lake: Fourth Lake make this hike well worth the short time it takes to climb it.

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